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2012 Submissions

(SoulX) Dreams Trance Song
Super Nutty Shroom Trance Song
{SoulX} The Storm Trance Song
(SoulX) For The Win Miscellaneous Song
(SoulX) Unkown Trance Song
{SoulX} Last Stand Trance Song
{SoulX} When He Awakes General Rock Song
{SoulX} Enders Dream Techno Song
(SoulX) A New Ray of Hope Trance Song
(SoulX) Iron Man remix Techno Song
{SoulX} FF7 Jenova theme 2 Video Game Song
{SoulX} Awakening Dreams Trance Song
{SoulX} Hero's Revival Trance Song
{SoulX} Dream Train Ambient Song
{SoulX}Waven Form (Demo) Miscellaneous Song
{SoulX} Hypertocious Techno Song
{SoulX} The Dark One Trance Song
{SoulX} Wind Walkers Techno Song
{SoulX} Silent Lights Trance Song
{SoulX} Crossing Lifes Rivers General Rock Song
{SoulX} Demon Peace Trance Song
{SoulX} Space Dance Trance Song
{SoulX} Mind Warp Ambient Song
{SoulX} Dream Running Ambient Song
{SoulX} Walking Circles Techno Song
{SoulX} Pirates Ahoy Techno Song
{SoulX} The Last Battle Trance Song
{SoulX} CatNip Techno Song
{SoulX} Life Of The Mages Classical Song
{SoulX} My New High Techno Song
{SoulX} Hero's Great Battle Trance Song
{SoulX} Fly Time Techno Song
{SoulX} My Unknown Classic Rock Song
{SoulX} Candle Smell Techno Loop
{SoulX} PreludeToTheBeginning Techno Song
{SoulX} Engulfing Darkness General Rock Song
{soulX} Life without time General Rock Song
{soulX} My lonely heart General Rock Song
{soulX} Timing of the Dawn General Rock Song
{soulX} Battle Trance Trance Song
{soulX} Sorcer's Trance Trance Song
{soulX} Moon Circle Trance Song
{soulX} Times Winter Tide Techno Song
{soulx} Big Action (Demo) Heavy Metal Song
{soulX} Trance me Mellow Trance Song
{SoulX} Happy Drumz Techno Song
{soulX} Creeping darkness Trance Song
{soulX} ALA (Full) Techno Song
{soulX} ALA (DEMO) Trance Song
{soulX} Evil in Thy Heart Trance Song
{soulX} Rewinding Time Trance Song
{soulX} Rock On Kids General Rock Song
{soulX} My Lost Soul Techno Song
{soulX} Metal Works Inc Boss Miscellaneous Song
{soulX} Metal Works Inc War Miscellaneous Song
{soulX} Metal Works Inc Techno Song